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Our team has built and managed dozens of successful dynamic websites using the latest web technologies to project a professional image and brand for our clients' corporate identity. From full-stack development, data management, report generation, API integration, and content generation, we are a one-stop shop for your company's online presence on the web.

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Front-end Coding

Responsive web development using Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery.

Back-end Coding

Coding using PHP, MySQL, JSON, and XML.


Shopping carts and payment processing.

Communication Applications

Twilio coded auto-dial and text messaging features.

Content Generation

Keyword-rich content including tag lines, page text, social posts and blogging.

Server Management

Website hosting and virtual servers in the cloud.

About the CTO and founder

Meet Adina Lessin


Adina is an expert web developer with over 13 years of programming and project management experience. She has developed dozens of dynamic website solutions using the latest web technologies to put clients on the cutting-edge of the industry. She places a special focus on the user experience, customer engagement and conversion rate optimization, where her strategies have proven to lead to her clients' business growth. Adina is a hard-working, detail-oriented team leader, but most importantly, an excellent problem solver.

Adina grew up in Silver Spring, MD and received a BA in Computer Science from Yeshiva University, Stern College for Women, in 2004. She then moved to Israel where she began her career as a freelance web developer. In 2006, she began working for Tail of the Lion as a front-end developer where she developed a network of ecommerce stores. In 2009, she simultaneously started working on TheHomeFixers as a full-stack PHP developer. Over the years, Adina eventually became CTO of TheHomeFixers where she designed and built both a stylish front-end user interface and a powerful and complex backend for lead processing and administrative management. In 2012, Adina started Nadiv Group and began employing other developers, designers and content writers to meet the needs of her growing client base.

Adina currently lives in Shaalvim, Israel with her husband and four children. She can't really say what she does in her spare time because she doesn't have any, although she does have a secret passion for architecture and interior design.

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What People Say

Menachem Pritzker, CEO of TheHomeFixers

Menachem Pritzker

CEO of TheHomeFixers

Adina is a pleasure to work with, and single handedly led the development of our web app from the ground up. This included developing a completely custom account management CRM, an API that over 20 third parties successfully integrated with, design of the website including a UI specifically targeted to reduce friction for our non-technical customer-base, and implementing a complex bidding algorithm that has been responsible for over a million dollars of media purchase. Her responsibilities included hands on development and managing part time contractors who came on board for specific projects. I'd work with her again on any project for any technical need.

Jake Rozmaryn, CEO of Eco Branding

Jake Rozmaryn

CEO of Eco Branding, Vice President at Antenna

Over the years I've worked with Nadiv Group team on many websites and applications. Adina and her team always bring a thoughtful and creative approach to the project at hand regardless of the level of complexity and provide valuable feedback throughout the lifecycle of a given project. She has been tasked with leading end-to-end web projects-- from strategy, front and back-end development, and search optimization to quality assurance, training and launch-- overseeing teams of programmers, graphic designers, copywriters, SEO specialists and client account managers along the way. Adina is an excellent senior programmer and project manager from a technical point of view but also has an instinct for design that separates her from many of the website developers that we've worked with in the past. Moreover, she has always interfaced with our team and various clients with a high degree of integrity and professionalism. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Nadiv Group to my extended network and have done so many times.


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